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<Round 15> Air Information


Round 15 - [2009/8/29 Chicagoland Speedway

Broadcasting: GYAORA
Rerun: September 08 (Tuesday) 23:30 to 2:00
September 15 (Tuesday) 6:30 to 9:00

Hideki received comments from the game after the 15th!


The Motegi "car ride to the podium" at this time because it was going to take a spare car, my car is so poor.
Lack of problems from the final qualifying speed car is damaged, you notice into the wall.
INDY JAPAN next game I'll try to ride all the more so on the podium!
Thank you your support.

<Game 14> Air Information


2009/8/23 Infineon Raceway - 14th round;
Broadcasting: GYAORA
First Broadcast: August 30 (Sunday) 23:00 to 1:30
Re-broadcast: Tuesday, September 01 (Tuesday) 11:00 to 13:30
Saturday, September 05 (Saturday) 20:30 to 23:00

I received a comment from the 14th round after Hideki!


臨Nda final winning his best qualifying fifth.
The third place from the beginning, players were battling Helio Castroneves.
In the final stint, successfully managed to overtake (maybe quite forcefully) I just look at your goals before.
However, it was difficult to stop it from starting to brake problems this time.
Ierokoshon last 8 weeks in the heat of tires and think, "Oh, please!" I just.
The restart was cut at three laps left. Only ineffective brakes, rear tire drift, was struggling to suppress the subsequent aggressive somehow, and now back up to fifth place checkers.
The road course race, this last season.
Honestly, the only condition is up, let me run more! ! I think.
I'll try this weekend!

Mutou Hideki sell official merchandise!

24, 2009

Thank you very much for your support Mutou Hideki always great.
Be held on September 19 [』BRIDGESTONE INDYTM JAPAN 300 mile cut through all the more a month.
We started selling original formula Mutou Hideki!
Raglan polo shirts and T-shirt bearing the logo Mutou Hideki,
Is full of original items such as caps.
Commemorate the sale also usually sells for 500 yen in addition to the autograph with Mutou Hideki "Keychain original" gift for each entitled to receive each item!
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Thank you a lot of support Mutou Hideki wearing the original!

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