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Now, I've come to the Hakone Turnpike. Weather in feels good well!
It is now noon meal.



If you eat the rice in my parents, sashimi and grilled fish are arranged in the table on a daily basis!
I recently pike often .... Today is the sashimi of horse mackerel.
I'll I have to starve Once disliked fish if.

The end

23 November 2008

Thanks Day rain got off but I was finished successfully.
I bother you in your lunch break to booth of Toda Racing! Buy this partly tenement's corner! Then tenement san gave me a gift the denim! Thank you all! At the same also Cellphone Toda Racing! Yocchan Thank You (v ^ - °)
I friend tried to experience the GT passengers traveling, but sorry to not ride type is too large .... Genki it out to!

This week's car


This week I have borrowed the S2000 from Honda's.
Gee, car feel and fun to ride is a long time! Was stuck!
Photo I will up at a later date!

VISA update


Morning and go to the American Embassy from 8:00, it has been a renewal of VISA. INDY CAR Good luck because one Japanese! I was told the person in charge of Innovation. What impressed me was Ssu!
You interviewed for 2 hours to go to Honda from now. It is a poor talker, but I'll do my best.



Even in the morning of today it was training in the true Takeshi Museum.
It is a piece of I am allowed to wear the gi of trainer Yoshizuka teacher. Mind you tightening! About by the one and a half hours mitt strike was a sweat.
In the afternoon I received the Combat of lessons.
My best you!


Nov 17, 2008

The third day be ended, and I came back to the room.
In sleepy or asleep even if somehow sleeping, it is the best looking forward to entering the futon!
To be yer to do my best in yell tomorrow.



I found a vending machine of unusual shape!
It is training now afternoon. Bokusasaizu and I will be swimming. And because long can you blog update, still or I can do that! But has reduced the number of words ....

Exit in the morning


I will head to lunch from training is the end now morning.
Calf in the second day came stretched in Pampanga. It is a feeling camp!

Day 1 Exit

November 15, 2008

Naoki and is yet to come for dinner.
Was a physical fitness test today because it is the first day. Muscle mass was the highest ever numbers!
I will do my best from tomorrow!


November 14, 2008

I came back to Japan.
Earlier, Tower Once through the front of the Tokyo Tower had glowing blue. I do not know whether true or a lie, it seems to have been writing for diabetes anniversary (eradication) .... What it? I'm feeling. Anything or will do what about it is to the anniversary? ?



It is a parking lot in Chicago. And I think it's pretty dangerous, but .... Yes In fact there is a case that was about to fall in. Why did not make the wall is a mystery.

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