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Wish you a good year!

December 31, 2008

It is remaining after slightly this year.
I think the guys are beat me Who is the one year?
It became a great end of the year. However, precisely because this Gojisei, I think than there is a new discovery!
Through this blog, How was I've been working hard a little to try to convey my usually to everyone? ?
As it is one of the best year for everyone ....
We will consider it as this year last blog with great desire.


December 30, 2008

I went for the first time look at the musical was born!
And he took me to the big brother (K ​​Mr.), but I was impressed! It is good to Live-to. Seriously dangerous Ssu and I am put to the dressing room.
Thank you!

License Renewal

28 December 2008

You've come to the update of the race for the license to JAF. Every year come here, and also you realize that one year has passed.
This Gojisei, we are living every day with gratitude to that is many very capable but race.


21 December 2008

I tried wearing denim pyro racing capped in tenement players before! Candid impressions are pretty GOOD! ! It is. Easy to cool to wear. I feel It's not denim when it comes to anything else a sitting posture!
It 's ideal for the movement of the plane!
Why not try also try everyone? ?

I came back.

19 December 2008

I was sleeping until now in the jet lag ....
Oh yeah, I will participate in this year takes place in the Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama at the end of the event 21 (Sunday), "Honda Motorsports Thanks Fair 2008~2 & 4 talk show." Because I look forward to meeting everyone, please come by all means. For more ↓ Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama http://www.honda.co.jp/welcome-plaza/event/20081221/index.html
It is best regards!

…This year


... How much that you got on the plane. A lifetime worth of ordinary people feel that rode definitely is. I sway of landing at the time of the aircraft is a long time ago was disgusting. Now sleeping 95 percent. It is tired in CA since sleeping with Zu~tsu except rice, do physical condition is bad? Or is tell me.
It will return to Japon now this year at the end of the flight.
To sleep.

From now

December 18, 2008

Go to the town of Chicago suburbs of Schaumburg (30 minutes by car), I went to dinner with manager David's family.
But Chicago I congestion often ....
We've ordered a new car TL of ACURA today. It is so arrive by the time January 10! !



Are decorated with Christmas tree in the house of the lobby, we have completely steeped in Christmas colors.
Town is a Christmas color. Pretty snowing, it is quite moody today!
This morning, we received a new bed. I'm looking forward to sleep at night!

Moving end

13 December 2008

Safely I move has ended. And I decided to live in downtown Chicago, but to walking even to what the buy (and I hella cold), the airport is convenient to close!
Also I will do my best new season feelings! !

Chicago Again

13 December 2008

Today is the installation date of the move. It has been noticed that there is a non-and luggage.
Because I asked Yamato Transport of Japan was me working in very polite!


December 11, 2008

Now it is in Chicago's O'Hare Airport.

Indiana Flights has been delayed ....

Would that it has many times airplane waiting this year. It attaches suck!


Monzennakacho Iseya

December 2008

Today's dinner is the hemp Auntie tofu set meal of friends and Iseya!
From a young age, it is nostalgic because we ask them brought to grandma and mother!

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