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The day before yesterday, I went to debit home of manager. Recently, we are playing to enter the pool so was much warmer! After the training, the best in you can relax when you enter the hot tub looking at the sky.
It is always Mafu~yu Mr. son play in the pool and games together. Probably cute? It is desperate to hear just because it is early to speak. It will be good practice, but ....
It is moved from tomorrow to the mill War Kyi. We are going to watch the engineers and Major League Baseball from the evening.

During charging


Since the weather is good to finish the car wash, it is now a massage.
Then, the Debidebi and lunch manager, trying to work out together! And we're talking about. Pool bike & run Son! Like you are a triathlon ....
I'm not in the mood you are muffled to say that because holiday, and today.

New york


Today we went from morning to downtown New York, and has been a commemorative photo of all drivers to compete in INDY500. I memorized that the also had written the same thing in a year ago diary.
It will return about two days now of Chicago house. When living within the circuit every day, it becomes to leave contains the switch until sleep from happening, it will tired mentally. Short period of time if it is good, but quite painful Ssu me one month motor home.
Also it is important refresh! Or stress from accumulating and to have whatever you want? You may think me, but ....
Tomorrow and spend leisurely as possible.
The photograph is INDY race track taken from the airplane.

And Champion!


Safely after finishing the Toronto event and came back to Indiana in the motor home!
If you go in a private jet, it was easy enough Tteyuu so whether immigration that simple. And at the same time you get off the airplane stamped in their passport end! Eh .... What I feel.
Dinner, we went to downtown to eat steak with Marco and Scott Dixon. ... And I've got to Ogo~tsu.
Thanks you!

The other ....


The departure is no time to slow at home ....
I wanted to another night.



We came back to pick up the passport in last night Chicago home. With what do a good will, because there is going tomorrow in Toronto, Canada in the race of the promotion was decided in sudden ....
So today, we have come to the Chicago suburbs to the procurement of massage and food.



Qualifying was over today. It will numbness still qualifying attack Indy 500! Life will feel shrunken reliably.
Time of attack, it is the face by the aerodynamic resistance to Kyoku-gen but I feel likely to float in the air car. The moment you enter the corner, surrounded by walls in the 380 kg fully open, only hope just that nothing happens. Naturally contains the power to the whole body, the moment you have finished 4 laps, while grateful that nothing happened to you toward the pit.
Now even end meeting, I am listening to hot and one person music.

Stop ....


It became the practice run abort without Thomas rain that it began in the morning .... When we returned on foot to the motor home to hear the news of the stop, and was surrounded by a group of Chinese students. Sign Trombone is a picture Trombone! Finally Ja me it is said to handsome handsome I was told by the Japanese. Everyone was cute Ssu!
Tomorrow, I will do my best!


May 2009

Beyond the radio live appearances of 30 minutes, we came back to the motor home (has been modified to like the bus home). The photograph is living in a motor home. Since this month there is a run every day, I'm staying somewhere due to circumstances here! I was back at home everyday since last year lived in Indiana.
Team has stayed here every race gives a single to me from last year. To there is also the bedroom, kitchen, washing machine and I comes with all also bath. Both driver's good friends! By the way, it seems to much single 80 million yen. Danica's seems to exceed the billion ....
It is a running start from tomorrow. My best you!



It 's not racing team Bando, came to roast Bando in Indiana! and about I'm one year wonder if is willing to remember clerk? And it was a surly person is in the memory .... I Tan salt is good.
Now, during the meeting. I wonder if not come soon! It is belly Pekorin.



Since it was off training today, it was a walk in the Chicago of the town! While enjoying the scenery, I stood for three hours I was walking blowing in the wind feels good. At night I went to my friend and French restaurants!
Is swine flu okay? Whats what emails or mail that. Are you okay?



Today I went to the Dinosaur Museum. And surprised on the size of the scale! ... To Itaku~tsu legs walk around because I went to after the training. But I was able to enjoy.
Then, because the weather was good and was the first to walk the Chicago of town (it failed to be without cold + time). Unlike The view from the car, but it was fresh and felt good! To some new discovery Let's go tomorrow.
I think Japan is the Golden Week. This weekend there is a super GT! Clay Good luck Honda! !