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Run swiftly


This morning, was comfortable with jog around the hotel ~.
Then, we lighten the weight training takes a breakfast.

By now eat lunch, you can head to the circuit.
The new sheet is finished, we will check it out!

Today, up to 2007 - 2009 who is responsible for my PR, I got an email from the M's.
I have attached pictures of when the won the IPS, looked young and very in myself many ways.

Things that win the race abroad I think we need (a limited not to race) very energy.
Sometimes feel lonely, there is also a day when you feel that the goal is not so overcome otherwise.

But I am to have everyone believe than their own, and believe that day to be sure realization comes.

It became a heavy content ....

Venerable, you'll go!

St. Petersburg


Today starts to move in the afternoon, we were safely arrived in St. Petersburg evening.

This year, because it is not a motor home that had been used until last year, we have stayed in (about 10 million yen to you in one year lease) near the hotel.

Arriving at the hotel, First, jogging lightly in the gym outside, it was then ate Dinner.

Tomorrow I will attend the parade and charity party.

Physical condition is sleep is perfect also quite good night!

At the end of the day


Now, Chicago is the night 10:00.
It is about time we went to bed.

Though is said to everyone I can be fast sleep, I Nde rhythm .... And then quickly go to sleep and refreshing!

Today went as planned team, we have finished the steering. When cornering, because the handle is rapidly heavy, grip the way of steering is it's very important. You'll There is a limit, even tempered from the usual. We close to the ideal as possible. Handle was There are players out is too heavy to shoulder before. Arms and back are now strapping to come to the United States.

Then, today because the time has become much I was training in the gym in the apartment. Well Well utensil is to are substantial OK.

Tomorrow I'll try to up the video to blog. I wonder if it is because it is the first tri go well? ?

So Adios.

Stone Massage


Beyond the meeting with the team, go to the gym at 5 minutes from the team, after the hunt - rather than movement, and received a massage.
Do you know Stone Massage? ? The massage is pressed against a heated stones to the body. Pleasant but, Hey was hot back Seriously! The lightly it was burned ....

Tomorrow, Ease go to once again team to create a new steering. It is like something the system has increased ....

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you message always addressed homepage! Almost you will receive always from people daily fan. Impressed have.

Since direct thank does not say, I will thank you to take this opportunity!

The thing that I fight the race, if you can give the power to someone else, it is that a really meaning. I want to taste you and best of joy! !



It has been charged Oita Since rested the 1st yesterday.

Today, we want a meeting from now on towards the engineers and Brazil against vengeance and next week in St. Petersburg.

By the way, Japan It is graduation season. March 19 to remember every year. It is the day that I graduated from junior high school. I stood in the next day on the 20th United Kingdom. Really it is the anxiety, and probably become what my life? I was scared scared every day. At the same it will Shiteyaro somehow at the same time! Also there were his Tteyuu. Only 12 years later, I wonder if a little away to their own, which has been drawn that time dream? We no longer now are frightened thing, I still somehow a dream come true! I think is here unchanged.
If you think, but I came running in the same feeling dozen years.

The power of dreams is a great!

Well, I'm going to the team.




This morning, it was safely back from Brazil. Today it is slowly because the plan is not.

In return of the airplane, by chance Vitor Maira players in the next, third place Congratulations! Is I say. Joy of standing on the podium in their native seems was significantly greater.
Third place in the return the first leg from the last year of a large crash. It was good at was like a fight without sequelae. He is a presence, such as a senior so indebted are a wide variety in 2007.

Because you did not go with the Brazil a personal computer, you have to check the mail now.
A lot of support mail and worry-mail Thank you! I am grateful! Really.

It is your grave picture of Senna. The longing wanted was the moment I stood in front of his grave, goose bumps stood.
That it's excitement and dangerous sport of race, he is all told me.

Sao Paulo Brazil


Safely arrived in Sao Paulo!
Today I went to your grave sleep is Ayrton Senna in the afternoon!
If you stand in front of the grave of the person who was somehow longing, I remember the strange feeling like electricity ran throughout the body. It was good to go.
It will properly up a photo now.
In building the Sao Paulo overlooking on the way home, we have climbed asked to escort the Nippon Television's.
Sao Paulo huge Ssu!
I've experienced a variety of cities around the world until now, is the scale of Bucchigiri!



Today we finally get the Brazil Visa!
〓 〓 South this in to fly to Brazil tomorrow
But it is risky I come back passport the day before departure!
Since the likely security is bad Monosugoku, I was told I go in dirty looking. Watch seems absolutely useless .... ... It withers to bring together Innovation arm.
Well, messy-looking? ?

after a long time


Now Portland today, there is a Radio interview broadcast in Oregon.

Then, the training, dinner will visit to manager David home for the first time in a long time.

From been finished safely contract, I so did not have the quite calm meal busy with each other.

Well, it has finally opening game is approaching the weekend.

In this recession, and I think myself that stand to the start grid is really blessed, I think there is also luck. Sincerely grateful to everyone who gave the cooperation given the chance.

And I think so much that there is no IndyRacer also unusual money, myself to be stomach hungry are you like me. What you want to do, human goal is clear, I guess happy also trying Aro is even painful thing.

Also today


Went to the team from the morning, it was the seat fitting machine for oval. Order to eliminate the air resistance to the limit, I quite different in small part with the machine for the road course. ... The more detail because it is a trade secret.
Then, when towards the engineers and against Brazil is doing the meeting, I received something luggage to me addressed!
It is a new design of helmet sent from Arai-san!
It will increase tension! !
Arai, Saidowaindazu Oishi, Thank you very much!
Because the oval race average speed is more than 300 kilometers, helmet just dust in the air it will become full of scratches. Year, also if I have paid a helmet dozen. Thanks, thanks.
In the afternoon, by a manager and a meeting, and came home and then went to the gym.
I was a little tired! Slowly half-length bath and Mars.

Bra large Again


Also we have come to the Embassy of Brazil in the morning today.
I thought I-Na's face seen somewhere, it was the mechanics of chip Ganassi!
Everyone, the like has come over from Indiana 3 hours, I was tired.
Today we went to the team after lunch, and then adjust the helmet.