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One bird

26 February 2012

The other day, Akasaka Rikyu in the always Akasaka capped take me to the T's that are indebted Sacas.

The I've eaten a pottery in the main, there was a most impact, still this pigeon!

Look I'm a little poor, but the taste is exquisite!

You do not feel too much usually, we human beings fact alive and have gotten the life of creatures, you can feel from the visual! You do not have to thank more.

Every time, Thank you for a fun dinner! Valuable talk also to hear, I get more motivated!

Week started, let's work hard!

2012 USTREAM 1


Tomorrow 21:00, in my local Tsukishima Monjya shop purple
It was decided to be a guest participating in the US-RACING's USTREAM!

Enthusiasm for this season, we thought that if you can tell, such as recent reports!
And, I think selfishly and also if Ikere also done on a regular basis the future as the current first time!
Purple, is a shop that is doing a delicious Monjya shop Why week in my parents of my friends.
By all means, please doing carrying a leg!

... This time, I'm sorry seems had already capacity over!

A description is available in the following.



February 2012

It was written in your Messiah's wall that went today!

Though to think well and life once feel, I do not think quite the cut once also this moment today.

I want to with a certain time means the moment the moment! Work and play at our best!

Man 30 yet to come! !

Team Mugen factory visit

20 February 2012

Today we went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in the morning, and gave a weight training at the interval run training and gym in the 200 meters track! ! Weather Rantore of outside well was comfortable best! ... And it was Truly painful.

After that, we went by car to the infinite factory in Saitama! Since had often issued a face in F3 era, landscape way is unchanged really miss was glad ☆

Good to know people of the lineup was me welcome!

Now we were allowed to tour the factory and a meeting of the season! Photo does not take so NG, but was lined with cool car! !

I regret that I can not Deki show you (* _ *)

Let's watch out for physical condition because every day there is a temperature difference!

Hand wash gargle! Is a must ☆


20 February 2012

I'll be from now go to the hospital today!
You must be received and update medical check at the same time every year the competition for the license!

If there is no problem in response to the various body check, a doctor will take care of pressing the seal!

Every time you receive this check, Tsu early me one year!

You realize ☆

You care so that it is not moved a cold in the hospital (> _ <)

So it's going.

Let's week started luck! !

Fukuoka camp Exit


Today, to have the last of boxing training, Fukuoka training camp has ended successfully!

This training camp, many of the most number of participants also in the camp until now, probably become what initially? ? And there was also anxiety, but everyone I have After completing comfortably endless out our best!

In exchanges with young players, we were able to again put a thirst to now their alignment against the old self.

Such was giving me the opportunity, I am grateful to the real racing's.

Even back to Tokyo, I want to go making the day-to-day life to not forget this feeling! !

's Training camp! All set!


Day 5 morning in the end!
Legs are heavy. Do not move!

It's how hold on from here! !

Afternoon as Neri which is not lost to myself, put someone!

Whew! First Break Break. . .

's Training camp! All set!


Day 5 morning in the end!
Legs are heavy. Do not move!

It's how hold on from here! !

Afternoon as Neri which is not lost to myself, put someone!

Whew! First Break Break. . .

Hideki Muto 2012


In recent Honda motor sport system recital, each team of the season, the system of the driver has been officially announced!

Season Hidenori Muto, it is required to compete in the S-GT from Team Mugen ride to HONDA of the CR-Z has been determined announcement! !

Will be the first as HONDA, and met with racing of the machine equipped with a Hybrid system, their drivers also feel very challenging to, you can stomach determination to pour our best to new challenges!

Development and the race I think proceed on the fly, but please wait to everyone fun! !

This season will be a new challenge, so we will proceed with full force, everyone, thank you the support of Hideki Muto! !

Training camp Rest day


Today's training camp fourth day, we gave a physical fitness test in the morning. Some of Samu Isamu-i snow .... Athletes and Gottsui Gottsui rugby!

Instantaneous and in the measurement of endurance, you can by a dash or 12 Mahashi, and ran while hanging runny nose (..)

While dancing powder snow, while struggling with slippery road surface, we were able to finish the whole measurement safely!

As this is a special guest, Nishimura's beach volleyball players have joined training camp, we have gotten good stimulus ☆ tomorrow, and photos up (* ^ ^ *)

Since Neri not afternoon today, now pretend! !

Maybe I do try! ? Or pay out in town!

No, no, I will go to bed anyway!

Good night (> _ <)

Training camp start


I am coming to Fukuoka! Became the annual This is the Fukuoka camp!

This time, many number of participants, 10 people in today's first day. We gradually increased the tension from the morning!

However ....

"I, I feverish from the morning."

Immediate, once came back to let go to inspection to the hospital, really influenza Ka-i!

The thing in, nine disengaged one person.

Please be safely said tomorrow! !

He, exposure dropped transferred to someone!

[Wimp pedal]


Yesterday, I went to the theater it is in Tennozu Isle!

As a commodity of the fan meeting, and if there is that of seeing the theater along with the people of the fan, I was allowed to go together!

The thing is that the watch together in, I was looking forward to really.

It was a Good as planning and (^ _ ^) v

I also detail report ☆