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29 May 2012

The other day, is willing to continue to take pictures of my race 15 years, Omi-san reblogged race debut.

Location, Okayama International Circuit!

And I went to cheer flew in an airplane!

There the first race, Omi's paranoid. Equipment such as suit helmet was determined by the average top drivers!

The way, there was a spin, we finish successfully (* ^^ *)


Champagne at the podium!

Was feeling good!

Always, really thanks to Omi, who until the other side of the world is willing to come to take pictures! !

Thank you now also thank ☆

SRS-F experience school

22 May 2012

Among the Kintetsu line to return to Tokyo from Suzuka, I'm writing this.

Yesterday Today two days, I was in the Suzuka Circuit as a lecturer of SRS-F experience school.

Although I'm a every time likely, various Karukyuramu is been organized to suit each level, it has become possible to concentrated practice run ☆

In particular, since it was basic training of driving this time, it was also a good opportunity to can fix also staring at the basis of their driving while guidance!

Main students of everyone, so will become faster visibly, it is fun there is very rewarding.

Sudden change and gentle people ride in the car.

Well it is a story!

In addition, to there was also a new encounter, it was an eventful two days.

Weird dream

21 May 2012

Last night, I saw a strange dream.

Opponent is unknown, but it is a dream that you are A~tsu beat!

Blood ... from the get up and fist morning.

Apparently, it seems had hit the wall!

Do Will a something of a sign? ?

I will take care!

Fist is tingling (> _ <)

Tire ...

20 May 2012

Well, our and went to bolt for the second time of the tire in this year ....

I'm going now to repair.

Since the noise is from a little tire, was this if you take a look at ....

I Do you come to pick up at the circuit! ?

I hate! !

Theater ♪


Always you are taken care of, and I was took to Haiyuza theater of Roppongi in K president!


I enter!

Since doing until the 20th, by all means! !

This week


One week last week, I've been away from Tokyo at work of FCJ, because this week in Tokyo, and I would like encouragement to training and put the feeling ☆

Today also I gave a training Komazawa from morning. It was indoor because it was rain, but it was Oikome!

Today, we will go to watch the K president and stage you are in now indebted!

Fun is ♪

FCJ lecturer 2


This weekend, Formula Nippon race will be held in the twin link Motegi ☆

FCJ of race, we also have come to again circuit as a lecturer and is performed in the undercard.

Unlike Fuji round before the game, each player's face, name, bib was remembered perfectly! Can not boast ....

Cute guy, but there are many cute guy not to ('m a little!), I want grab the chance anyway Good luck everyone! !

I like the hard of human!

Now, I'm going ♪

Fuji Speedway S-GT

May 2012

The S-GT Fuji round in a large traffic jam, you have arrived at last today.

And watched the machine that runs through the Super Lap, was really wants desperately yourself running!

Yuki junior Nakayama has won his first pole in the GT500!

I've been watching the A corner, but had really ride!

And to happy as his own, it was felt that it would like to have their own also shines run.
I had to show something good! Thank you ♪

Really looking forward to what will happen tomorrow's race also (* ^^ *)

Now of yourself, I can only to cheer ....

HONDA Good luck! !