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Beyond the 2013 season


Race of the season has also been all finished with a recent JAF GP.

Everyone had you support throughout the years, thank you very much.

It is possible to win the championship in the GT, it is full of gratitude to all team infinity of staff who fought together a year and a half.

Formula is able to obtain a response at the end of the JAF GP, I realized forward. It was a painful season, everyone !! team is now positive Nii me always encouragement also here we are grateful.

It is a situation that can not yet talk of next season, but will report as soon as determined.

♪ Thank you very much

SUPER FORMULA final round


SUPER FORMULA final race was held at Suzuka Circuit.


SF, including the S-GT, this race became the final race of the season.

There are still JAF GP, but fans with us to cheer for one year, thank you. !! That we were able to fight positive thanks to your support until the end

When you return to the story of SF final round,

We were not meshing well until the end ....
Qualifying, can not time attack in the new tire by the time of miscalculation, it has become in the rear start ....

From a practice in that ranking was not absolute.

Finals, suffered without raised a good correspondence can not pace with the change of condition.

Since it was found that their skills have improved even in such, I After completion of a positive as a feeling. Though extremly frustrating !!

Really I am grateful to the team staff who have supported this kind of their own until the end.

One year, Thank you !!


Victory celebration meeting


To commemorate the champion !! that I was open a triumphal meeting


The beginning and I was started in earnest feeling but,


Over time





I went broken ....

!! Was a fun time, surrounded by the best of members



It is seen surprising one side of everyone who can not see the circuit, it is a new discovery!

Yuki Thank you, Ito, president !!



Take the Mugen CR-Z GT

We were able to win the SUPER GT GT300 Series champion.

Team infinity and officials of everyone who have engaged in it, it is thanks to your respective me to cheer fan !!

This season, until you win the championship, we had to face it decided absolutely not show a smile. And because all the laugh had thought it would fled.

Finally, the moment in which the organic has received the checkered flag, it became a special feeling, as has been released from all thoughts. It seems to have been carrying something while you do not notice.

Various memories Tours ran as revolving lantern, was above all happy figure that staff is pleased me.

And because everyone is really've seen all was really hard. Only gratitude.

Since it becomes cheap When you words, you have to about this.


Everyone !! Thank you

It is now triumphal meeting. Hard as it's going ♪

Everything is determined by tomorrow


SUPER GT Rd.8 Twin Ring Motegi

Today's qualifying was the third place.

Paul was, could not take, because it was qualifying, which pulled out the best, we are refreshing.

If if the fight was considered a championship, I want take the title if the goal in second place, but I want to run and be aware of the victory until the end. Team may not think so, but it runs at the thought only to win as my personal.

If I recall, the MUGEN CR-Z GT in last July debut, at first it was the state that I do not know be able to finish.

Everything is unknown. I have overcome a number of problems with fumbling.

First podium at Fuji will continue to step one step forward in all of the hard work from there. I had been best pleased impressed.

Can we cherish cherished finish iodide machine of glass

If I think everyone's hard work of the staff are may Nante work of our drivers.

Everyone can not give back only in the results.

That you who have hired me, I am grateful. I'm sorry it is a problem only.

Tomorrow we'll do.

But, I enjoy big time. Lol