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First surfing


The other day, I went to surfing to be a life first.

Location Kamogawa. It is close to the Shiwarudo.

Through acquaintances, shop, we introduced towards the surfers, we have been surfing with borrowed set your rental.


Surfing? Although I do not ride to the extent that it was a little stand, It was level rocked average, it it was fun and open ☆

Surfing = Chara-i

I like that image had been preceded, but I was completely different.

This is likely is !! Hamare likely to fit !!

I think it is going to find the future of the season, the time.

First, the wave of today I good ~ ☆

!! Lol want to be at a level that say such a thing

What commentary


During commentary of GAORA, you will receive good questions Tteyuu sleeping! Not do Could either be?.


Is it so sleepy? ?

What sleepy !! from the usual, I will often said.

But I since have happened properly !!

During the race, it seems they've entered the race when no voice.

Next time we'll show you a description of the end of the week after next is ☆ seriously.

At the same weekend, it was decided to participate in the GT of events that target kids in Odaiba. People near you Come ♪

Alright, I'll be running now. Recently it has become a daily routine and that run 12-13 km every day.

In ~

SUPER GT Rd.3 finals


I took the checkered flag in sixth place to be a fiscal year best.

Sixth fastest start that became final, he was responsible for starting driver.

It is the beginning of the race was paced manner good, but ....

Wear from the middle of the stint of the tire is in progress than you think, I will become difficult to keep the line. Would pick up Taiyakasu Removing the line ....

If there is more drawer to myself, it might be lived in without compromising the ranking.

To connect from the baton to Kogure players, before the run car trouble, even retire there, we catch up the order.

It was the situation that you can not maintain a trouble occurs pace to 100 car, and told me to run until the checker to cheat cheating somehow.

You think I wanted more aggressive.

There were many things, but I think that was good that it was able to earn points in sixth place.

To concentrate on the things you could do with myself I want to welcome the next race.

I will do my best so that you can goal in front more !!