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About 2 km after


Weight increase strategy.

Thoroughly pursuing Once as do an easy personality that enters from the old days.

In such a feeling, we will overdo ...
Weight was too less.

Now one month.
We will strive to weight gain.

Made in Japan Arai Helmet


Arai helmet who have gotten support from a teenager I went to the greetings of the season.
In order to drive a racing car, it is to protect the life that is to protect the head.
Even myself, in the United States age race, but I met several times greater crash, he told me always protect rough helmet.
And precisely because they feel in skin safety and peace of mind, you will be able to attack in earnest. If it had not been for it, it would surely be difficult to concentrate.
American teammate When I was out in Indy, although several tens of million yen contract money if contracts with other companies had to say Nowak, but still had a strong commitment to Arai helmet.
Actually kind of player a lot, if you look at the players who are using the Arai helmet in the top category of overseas, is a player with a strong commitment arguably.
Brand Japan, to be proud of in the world.
Arai helmet When asked for Safety & Quality. This is the common sense of the world.
The translation does not say it because if I have support!

Voluntary training camp all dates end


This morning, finishing the voluntary training camp of 8 days, was returning home from Bali.

It was black than Safar corps that had to feel you Emiyoko as stood out the blackness of sunburn at Narita Airport.

This time, carrying out voluntary training camp, there was a word that had been much telling myself.

For example, the second half of the hill dash,
It's another useless! It does not move legs! Let Otoso the pace.

Such time to.

Even when it is to run from 6 am to spicy to body it is too painful.

Graces is out, it may kana With this mon! When I began to think I.

The "last's. This is the last of do's!"

This is asked.

To proceed to the other and this person will not meet again, Everyone contact gently. Finally you'll want to the best farewell rather than fight. It is such a state of mind, perhaps.

Do not listen to the evaluation of people.
Opponent is myself.
Whether you are able to move forward than the previous.

Together in our core business of the race surely it.

It was brought home to come to Bali.

Than physical strength surface, it was Bali camp feel that it was accustomed strongly with the feeling was.

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Voluntary training camp day 6


Early in the morning from 6:00 Torre is happening to 5:45,
This side does not change.

Day by day the body will feel heavy.

Today the main, it was fifteen hill dash.

It breath goes up, legs do not rise.

Honestly, I was tired.

Fun of the day, is the icing on the accommodation of the pool. Because people of other guests would be a pool of on vacation, it is enviable.

The split sides of the abdominal muscles once every two days you will be asked.
Such do Shiranwa laughs

A Somehow, tomorrow Rasutode.

It is a blink.

Voluntary training camp five days


Roughly, it is together from the usual laughs

As a highlight, and I guess it is that it ran about 14 km sandy beach in the morning training.

Innovation - not, it was silently laps there have now been followed by a sandy beach. Leg has ended up purpuric.

In the afternoon, but was in consultation with the weather,
It was movement outside.

The remaining two days.

Happy like, such as lonely.

Voluntary training camp Day 4


We've successfully end the fourth day.

In the morning, we've been even tired are writing Rantore & agility ...

Since the afternoon was off, shopping!

... Without any energy to go, I had gone to sleep at the hotel.

Now that we have a little recovery, and I will do my best from tomorrow (^ ^)

However, here the people's all fine -

Early morning jogging


During training camp, jogging starting from the morning 6:00.
This morning, I tried to run the alley to change the route.
It is a street that can not be said to be beautiful even flattering.

After a while, one of the old hotels stalls came into the eye.

Kana 6-7 years?
A small girl had been cooking has in hand a knife, to help the parents.

It will never be wealthy.
Also the shop's a tattered.

But I was laughing very happy.

It What is happy and is?

Able to build a family?

We value people respectively.

And I think some people have thought that all was in hand,
After all I feel is no meaning if you do not laugh genuinely nothing to.

His first of sincerely laugh as I will get a gentle heart.

We'll try to work it so that let the people around happy.

I felt that was washed a little heart to come to Bali.

Training camp, still continues ...

Voluntary training camp Day 3


Today, interval run was the main.

When also a third day, the fatigue has been accumulated.

Since the Balinese massage seems very cheap, it has shaking heart. This is, not go.

Honest and I think I still continue ... tears

I'll try to think this in the end.

Voluntary training camp Day 2


Today also we gave a training from early morning.

1 hour jogging and walking from 6 am.

After breakfast, 2 hours Rantore & kayak on the beach.

Afternoon Torre Rantore & trunk.

Today, extra sleepy because there was no time to nap.

The other I go to bed.

Good night ~

Voluntary training camp Day 2


Today also we gave a training from early morning.
1 hour jogging and walking from early morning 6:00.
After the morning run, 2 hours kayaking in the ocean.
Afternoon run and trunk tray.

Body whole body has become painful.

I'll try to hit whip.

Voluntary training camp Day 1


We come to Bali in Indonesia from last night.
It is purpose of moving the body in a hot place.

Today's the first day, beginning in the early morning training, morning training, I was able to move around in the training and sunny afternoon.

And I do want to eat meat!

In such a feeling, we have now gone to Cry steak!

In ~~



We decided to compete in the 2015 SUPER GT.

We have already made several test runs, but good atmosphere of the team, we can do a test for the season in a high motivation.

Fast driver partner vast of undisputed.

It is a lot to learn such from him, I want to build a good relationship.

First of all, as your report.

Also thank you cheer season now (^ ^)