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Round08 Twin Ring Motegi Final Result: 13 place

October 16, 2011 (sun) Weather: Sunny / temperature: 25 ℃

I fought with the utmost without changing tires

Free practice in the morning was poor ranking because it was traveling at a tire that is not assumed in the finals in the wet, but was able to finish well-balanced.
Start of finals responsible Kobayashi. It was where it hit compromise where the preceding vehicle has been in contact spin, with another car immediately after the start. The difference between the previous had to open it will pause in order to avoid contact, but the damage continued to run at the position of the 13th without the machine. The first was Kobayashi that fuel was not raised a heavy pace, but I went up a rank fuel become more lightly. I went to pit of the routine in the 32 lap interim order has become # 1 There is also a pit stop of the preceding vehicle. Kobayashi so was getting a feel that can go without replacing the tire stint of his own, I complained of tire non-exchange strategy in wireless. Without replacing the tires, Muto was restored in 9th to the course.
Muto was laps at a steady pace, and fast. The end had come difficulty in running and maintaining the grip of the tire also, but had continued to travel without sacrificing the pace. However, because the control was becoming difficult, and would be a contact of 2 °, and would be penalized, and took the checkered 11th although final ranking was 13th.
This year, Muto in GT in four years, Kobayashi has fought in a new combination of rookie that debuted this year. It is thought that considering that it fought with a combination of driver experience is small, and it was possible to have sent the season eventful very. And people of the fans who support this too, it is thanks to the sponsor companies like that gave me your support. I Thank you deeply.

Comments of Hideki Mutoh

I think strategy "without changing tires was good. But, it was thought to be able to increase the rank, and earn the points. Early it is becoming difficult to end control, I dropped my rank so, it is regrettable.. Thank you one this year "

(ARTA Project press release)