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Privacy Policy

Hotei Tiger (below our) Ltd., be adequately protected handling personal information, and considered to be a social important responsibility, to the personal information protection activities, the Company will implement the following initiatives.

1. personal information acquisition, about the use and provision

Personal information and personal information of employees who dealt with all of our business, appropriate acquisition, we use and provide, does not have to handle personal information beyond the extent necessary for the achievement of the specified purposes. If you are beyond the purpose of use to perform the handling of personal information, you consent of the person in question in advance.

2. laws and guidelines regarding personal information, about the norms

I will defend the laws and regulations regarding personal information.

3. For safety management of personal information

Unauthorized access and to personal information, disclosure of personal information, loss, destruction, against falsification, I will make a reasonable prevention and corrective measures.

4. For complaints and consultation regarding personal information

Complaints and consultation regarding personal information, I will deal with as soon as possible.